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To ensure that each housing estate, after consultation with the owners, is managed effectively and efficiently to meet all requirements necessary for its smooth running.


We are always looking to improve our service to our clients and this year 2020 we have adjusted our practice to accommodate updates to further give a service that is up-to-date and relevant.


We will draw up a Vision Site Management Plan’, which is approved by the Homeowners and approved by law.  This will include:


  • Producing a one-year ‘Operation Project’ for approval by all homeowners
  • Appointing a ‘Site Manager’
  • Producing a ‘Site Manager Agreement’
  • Organizing maintenance fees
  • Carrying out and recording inspections
  • Instructing our authorized lawyers to deal with any legal matters arising

1  Collection of Site Maintenance Fees

  • Realization of Home Fees Accrual Transactions.
  • Providing Payment of Fees via Online Payment Systems.
  • Delayed Attendance and Legal Warning.
  • Subscription with legal means in Legal Period.

2  Site Accounting Transactions

  • Processing of income and expenses.
  • Follow-up of expenses compliance with an operating budget.
  • Preparing balance sheets.
  • Follow-up of your site / homeowner debts and credit status.
  • Follow-up of service / product processes.
  • Planning, tracking, and conducting company payments.
  • Follow up Bank transactions.
  • Follow-up of transactions with official authorities.
  • Staff salary.
  • Preparation of monthly financial reports.

3  Site Legal Procedures

  • Implementation of Legal Procedures for Non-Payer Homeowners.
  • Intervention to Legal Problems Related to Communal Areas.
  • Follow-up of legal disputes that may arise in matters related to Site Staff.
  • Creating and Following New Contracts.

4  Site Annual General Meetings

  • Preparation of the Ordinary Annual General Meeting Call.
  • Notification of Call to All Homeowners by mail or their Signatures.
  • Preparation of Agenda Items.
  • Preparation for Budget and Operation Project for Approval.
  • Processing of Decision Book.

5  Site Auditing Services

  • Supervision and Reporting of Accounting Procedures.
  • Inspection and Reporting of Cleaning Materials and Staff.
  • Auditing and Reporting of Technical Staff, Technical Volumes, and Devices.

6  Site Landscaping and Garden Maintenance

  • Follow-up of the Development of Plants.
  • Lawn Mowing and aeration, Fertilization, etc.
  • Pruning of Shrubs, Woods, and Trees.
  • Ventilation of Soil by Throwing and Preservation.
  • Fertilization of Grass, Shrubs and Trees.

7  Site Social Facility Management

  • Announcement and Establishment of Social Facility Rules.
  • Announcement of Rules of Use of Fitness Center Equipment, Toilet and Shower.
  • Announcement and Display of Pool Rules.
  • Announcement and Display of Sauna Rules.

8  Site Staff Procurement and Management

  • Employee Selection for the Jobs (Cleaning, Security, Admin, Gardening, Pool Maintenance, Social Facilities etc.).
  • Assignment of Duties and Authorization.
  • Preparation and Attendance of Business Contracts.
  • Staff training.
  • Permit and Work Scheduling and Construction.
  • The provision and disposition of special duty clothing on the site.

9  Site Security Services

  • Establishment of Security Cameras,
  • Establishment of License Plate Recognition System,
  • Homeowners/Their Guests Tracking Program,
  • Staff Tracking Systems,
  • Preparation of Safety Clothing and Equipment,
  • Staff training

10 Site Web Software Operations

  • Appropriate Site Management Web Software Selection and installation
  • Notification of Homeowners and Activation of Their Passwords
  • Providing Transparency by Broadcasting All Accounts and Completed Works on Web Application
  • Provision of Payments via Web Application via Credit Card or Debit Card
  • Provision of Failure, Complaints, Wishes and Suggestions as Immediate Transmission on Web Application
  • Immediate Notification System to Homeowners via the Web Application

11 Site Cleaning Procedures

  • Preparation of Cleaning Plan
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Communal Area, Blocks and Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Building Exterior and Glass Cleaning
  • Hard Ground Polishing
  • Pest Control and Spraying
  • Periodic Cleaning of Water Storage Depots
  • Performing Cleaning Controls

12 Site Technical Maintenance – Repair – Renewal Services

  • Periodic Maintenance and Inspection of Devices Covered by Warranty
  • Construction of Maintenance Agreements for Charged or Non-Charged Devices
  • Technical Specification and Contract Preparation for Renewal and Additional Jobs
  • Bidding for Renewal and Additional Jobs
  • Observation and Monitoring of Contract Liabilities and Procedures

13 Site Pool Maintenance

  • Acquisition of Pool Maintenance Safety Measures
  • Providing Swimming Pool Hygiene
  • Swimming Pools Daily Maintenance
  • Placement of Warning Signs
  • Control of Electrical Equipment
  • Performing Periodic Maintenance Works

We know that communication is an important factor in managing a Housing Estate/Complex, and at VISION we make sure that all parties involved are kept fully up-to-date with any information necessary.


It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with the service we give and if you need to discuss any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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