From Antiquity to the Present Day 

Alanya offers an ideal holiday of recreation, entertainment, discovery and culinary delights!

Once most famous as a coastline fortification Alanya has changed over the years into a densely populated tourism destination.

At night some areas in the town centre can become loud and crowded as the tourists come into town after dinner. Visitors can enjoy taking local boat trips or just enjoying the swimming pools and facilities at their all-inclusive hotels. 

It isn't actually known when Alanya was first settled. Evidence gathered at the Kadıni Cave, 12 km from the centre suggests that it has been continuously inhabited since the Palaeolithic Age. It is thought that Cleopatra once bathed in the bay here.

In 1935, Atatürk visited the city and renamed it "Alanya". Nowadays Alanya is one of the iconic tourist destinations of the Mediterranean, offering a rich historical, cultural heritage and modern facilities, a rich environment of sun, sand and sea.