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From meeting at our office, we will proceed to the tax department. Where we will get a tax number, this is used with nearly all legal documents involving money. You will need your passport and a photocopy of it for the tax office.




According to the Turkish laws and regulations in force, transfer of ownership of a property is only possible at the Land Registry Directorates (TAPU DAIRESI). A Title deed in Turkey is called a Tapu. Each deed includes information such as the owner's name and property details.

There are two types of deeds in Turkey; one is the land deed and the other is the proper title deed which you can obtain once you have your habitation certificate. The blue clour is for land and the redtitle deed (tapu) is for residential property.

To be legal, a title deed in Turkey must be sealed with a stamp, bottom right of the document. Photos, although not compulsory feature on the top right-hand side.

Note: More than one person can own the same property. In this case, the respective shares are to be shown in the tapu.

Vision estate agency can help you obtain your tapu within 3 days.


Residential Title Deed




Land Title Deed




Title Deed In English






The habitation license is one of the most important documents when you buy a property in Turkey. It proves that the builder has completed the building according to the construction plans and he has fulfilled all the required legal and safety procedures. Obtaining the habitation certificate is very complicated and time-consuming, therefore prospective buyers should always consider possible challenges before buying a property without a habitation certificate. Habitation certificates are issued by local municipalities and it is the builder's responsibility to obtain them, and present it to you before you purchase.



When you have chosen a property we will make an application to obtain a valuation report. This will take two days to get. The report will show the market value of the property, and compare it to the other properties in the area. This report will protect your investment and you will know the local property market.





Amortization is the payment or writing off debt, including a mortgage over a set number of payments or periods.




In Turkey, this relates to Earthquake cover for which compulsory insurance is needed. It can also relate to the valuation of a block of flats or Estate when a payment is needed by the management, for a payment that there are insufficient funds for.



Board Approval

Board Approval is a condition in the bylaws of a managed block of flats or Estate that the seller obtains approval from the Board of Directors, before selling or making any changes to the purchase conditions as laid out in the Deeds.



Building Codes

Building Codes are regulations established by the government stating fully the structural requirements for a building. In Turkey, this has to be complied with before a Habitation Certificate is issued.




By-Laws are the rules laid down by the management committee to ensure the smooth running of the properties.



Cancellation Clause

A Cancellation Clause is a provision in a lease or other contract which confers upon one or more of the parties to the lease the right to terminate the party's or parties' obligations thereunder upon the occurrence of the condition or contingency set forth in the said clause.



Capital Improvement

A Capital Improvement is a permanent improvement to real estate, usually extending the useful life and value of a property.



Certificate of Occupancy

A Cancellation Clause is a provision in a lease or other contract which confers upon one or more of the parties to the lease the right to terminate the party's or parties' obligations thereunder upon the occurrence of the condition or contingency set forth in the said clause.




Co-brokerage is an agreement between two brokerage firms to share listings and commissions. This is usually used when one of the brokers is the seller's exclusive listing agent and the other broker represents the buyer




Collateral is the security put up in exchange for a loan. It can be taken by the lender if the loan goes unpaid.



Commitment Letter

A Commitment Letter is a letter issued by a lending bank that legally binds it to provide funds as specified subject to written terms and conditions.



Complex (Turkey) Estate (U.K.)

This is an area with a building on, which each building owner owns his or her plot, plus a percentage of the ownership of the common areas of the entire property. Each owner receives a unit deed, proof of that ownership.




A Contract, also known as a Purchase of Sales Agreement, is a written agreement between seller and purchaser in which the purchaser agrees to buy certain real estate and the seller agrees to sell upon conditions and terms set forth therein.




Conversion is a change in ownership type or status. Example: A rented building may be converted to leaseholder/occupier ownership. A commercial loft building may be converted into residential apartments.




A Co-operative is a corporation that owns a building. Purchasers receive shares of stock in the corporation, and a Proprietary Lease for their apartment/flat.




A Covenant is an agreement(s) written into deeds promising performance or nonperformance of certain acts or stipulating certain uses or non-use of the property.



Deed Restriction

A Deed Restriction is an imposed restriction in a deed for the purpose of limiting the use of the land.




Default is the act performed by either the buyer or seller that breaches the contract of the sale and permits a claim for damages.




Deposit or Down Payment is made by a purchaser of real estate as evidence of good faith.




Escrow is how money (a deposit or down payment) is held by one person in trust for another, to assure performance under an agreement. Normally, in a residential real estate sale, the attorney for the seller is the "escrow agent" for the deposit money securing the deal until closing.



Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement

Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement is an agreement between a broker and a seller which designates the broker as the seller's sole representative. Under this agreement, a commission is due to the broker even if the apartment is sold directly by the owner.




Fixtures are personal property attached to the land or improvements so as to become part of the real property.



Flats (U.K.) or Apartments

Flats are owned outright as actual property. At closing, the buyer receives a deed to the property. Each owner is billed directly and is responsible for making individual utility and mortgage payments, if any. The common charges for maintenance and upkeep are billed to owners on a monthly or yearly basis as agreed by the management.




The Guarantor is the party whom underwrites the financial transaction..



Interest Only Mortgage

A Mortgage which matures with a balance still owed at the end of the term, and relies on the property being sold or covered by a seperate insurance policy.




A Lien is a legal right or claim upon a specific property which attaches to the property until a debt is satisfied.




A Listing is the term used by brokers for an building or apartmentfor sale after it has been "listed" by the broker in its system.




Maintenance is the monthly charge paid by the tenant/shareholders to cover the building's operative costs.



Market Value

The Market Value is the most probable price that a property should bring if exposed for sale in the open market for a reasonable period of time, with both the buyer and seller aware of current market conditions, neither being under duress.



Mortgage Broker

A Mortgage Broker is the real estate professional who represents an array of banks seeking to issue mortgages. This person meets with a customer, assists with the mortgage application and effectuates the mortgage process on behalf of the borrower and the bank. Generally, the mortgage broker is paid a fee by the bank for this service.



Net Worth

Net Worth is one's assets, less one's liabilities. Liquid net worth (that which is cash or can be immediately converted to cash).



Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a written instrument duly signed and executed by a person who authorizes an agent to act on his/her behalf to the extent indicated in the instrument.



Pre-payment Clause

A Pre-payment Clause is a clause in the mortgage which gives a mortgagor the privilege of playing the mortgage indebtedness before it becomes due.;



Proprietary Lease

A Proprietary Lease is the lease issued by a company/corporation to each tenant/shareholder prescribing the right to occupy a specific apartment pursuant to guidelines mandated by the building.



Real Property

Real Property is land and generally whatever is erected upon or affixed thereto.



Right of First Refusal

A Right of First Refusal is a condition found in many condominium by-laws which permits the board to review any party seeking to purchase or rent an apartment. It gives the board permission to refuse the applicant. If the applicant is refused, the condominium must purchase or rent the apartment under the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract or lease.



Subject to Financing

Subject to Financing, also known as Financing Contingency, is a term stipulating that the agreement is conditioned upon the buyer obtaining financing from a financial institution in an agreed-upon amount.



Title Search

A Title Search is an examination of the public records to determine the ownership and encumbrances affecting real property.




An Valuer is an expert who renders an opinion of value. A valuerer gives an opinion as to the value of property or land, normaly on behalf of a bank or mortgage lender. The reason for ths is to ensure that the value of the property has adequate value to cover the loan.




A Waiver is the renunciation, abandonment or surrender of some claim, right or privilege.




If you wish to purchase a property with a mortgage in Turkey, we can advise you on choosing the best lender for your requirements, and take you through the whole process. We will:

  • Explore and discuss with you the Turkish Banks offering mortgages to foreign nationals, looking at the proportion of loan and interest rates (foreign currencies between 5% - 7%). You can obtain a loan of up to 50% of the property value, this is calculated using Usd or Euro.

  • Discuss with you the ‘preliminary approval’ roughly 3 days after the application. Redemption dates vary between 24 and 60 months.

  • Organise the bank’s appraiser, who will write an appraisal report, to visit the property.

  • Help you obtain all the documentation necessary before applying for the mortgage.

  • Prepare the paperwork in accordance with the application process.

  • Organise for the payment of the appraisal report fee.

  • Oversee the title deed conveyance process.

  • Discuss with you the final approval documentation.


  • Notarised translation of your passport

  • Proof of address in Turkey eg residence permit, ID card or water, electricity, gas, internet utility bill

  • Bank statement showing your account activities in the last 3 months

  • Tax ID number

  • Proof of monthly income

  • Title Deed of the property you wish to purchase.


Generally, mortgage applications are not accepted on properties being constructed, but some banks may give a mortgage after 90% of the construction is completed


Sometimes buyers or sellers are unable to travel when buying or selling a property. In that case, in Turkey, a third party is appointed as Power of Attorney. This can be for just buying or selling, it can be limited to set dates, for example, a month or a year. This will give the appointed person power to act on their behalf.



The estate agent fee is %3. We don't have hidden charges or extra costs. You will only pay the fee when the title deed is transferred into your name. You should also be aware of some agencies who state that ‘no fee, no commission from the buyer, this means you are most probably going to be paying more money for your property. Some agents work this way, and they add an extra amount to the price of the property. A trustworthy agent always works to benefit its clients, and negotiate the best possible deal possible.




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