Buying Expenses


Costs of buying a house

When buying a house it is important to factor in all the up front costs, mortgage costs and on-going costs involved in buying and running a property.

Below are the key costs that you need to include in your budget, when establishing what you can afford.


Up front costs


The deposit is the amount you put towards the cost of purchasing your property. To get the full choice of deals having a decent deposit amount is important. 40% is generally the optimum deposit, giving you some of the best rates that mortgage lenders will offer. 

Use our budget planner to estimate how much you could afford to spend on monthly mortgage repayments.


Buying / Selling tax

For all the taxes please refer to table below.


Valuation report fee

An Independent valuation report is carried out, this compulsary and is aproximately 1000 TL.


Legal fees

You may need a solicitor  to assitted in buying a property, if buying 'Off-plan' or a 'Payment plan'


Electronic transfer fee

Typically costing £25-£50, this covers the lender’s cost of transferring money from UK/Europe to Turkey.


Agent fees

Agents act as an intermediary between the customer and the seller, and can usually advise on the houses/flats available, thus saving the customer from having to visit numerous agent separately. 



Dask- a compulsary government insurance covering earth quakes. 

Home and contents (optional)

Types of cover we can help with...



On going costs


Your mortgage lender will require that the mortgaged property is insured in order to protect their interest in the property. It is also prudent to take out contents insurance to protect your belongings. To protect your family you may want life cover to ensure that the mortgage is paid off should you die before the end of the loan. Other protection policies are available to help protect your investment.


Council tax

The amount you will pay is based on the valuation your property. 



Ask the current homeowner what they spend on utilities: electric, gas and water to help you estimate your monthly utility costs. Also factor in costs for line rental, calls, broadband, and tv.


Maintenance and repairs

Your survey should have highlighted any expected costs involved with necessary repairs, but you will need to budget for regular decorating and diy.


The figures below is for two bedroom property valued at 400.000 TL in Aydın Didim area.

These figures are presented as a general guideline only. Actual closing cost will vary for any transaction.

Before signing any contract, you will have all closing costs explained to to you by us.

Turkish property taxes,maintenace fee and other expenses are considerably lower in Turkey,it will be around one third of Spain and less than a quarter than France.

The fees may vary according to the exchange rate.By the time the above figures are calculated on 10.10.2020

What Your Fees Pay For?

Taxes : 16.918 TL
Subscriptions : 900 TL
Insurance : 120 TL
Agent Fee : 12.000 TL
Valuation Report : 1.000 TL
Translation : 390 TL