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We are Ayhan and Hülya Kara and we had a vision, 15 years ago to set up VISION Estate Agency. We were aware of other Estate Agencies working in Didim, but we wanted to offer a service to customers' that was inclusive and personal to them.

At Vision, our work ethic is to be hardworking, efficient, approachable, adaptable, and conscientious. We enjoy working within a team of like minded business orientated staff.

We have the necessary skills to ensure that all the various stages, of purchasing a property/s in Turkey, are carried out by us.

We are constantly re-looking at our company's aims and values and updating when required, so that our company can continue to give our clients the best possible service.

We speak 3 European languages together with Turkish and English. we are both official legal translator with a good understanding of Turkish law.

Have an excellent knowledge of Didim, Altinkum and outlying areas with its constantly changing environment. Although Vision is based in Didim, Altinkum we also have business in the large cities of Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.


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