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A Title deed in Turkey is called a Tapu, it is an official and legal document to prove ownership of a property. Title deeds in Turkey are all produced by the title deed office. Each deed includes information such as the owner's name, photograph and property details.

To be legal, a title deed in Turkey must be sealed with a stamp in the bottom, the center of the document. Photos, although not compulsory feature in the top right-hand side.

Note: More than one person can own the same property. In this case, the respective shares are to be shown in the tapu.

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Tapu Meanings Translated into English

İli – City

İlçesi – Town

Mahallesi – District

Köyü – Village

Sokağı – Street

Mevkii – Area

Pafta No - Sheet number

Ada No - Plot / block number

Parsel No - Parcel number

Niteliği - Whether it is a building, vacant or cultivated land

Yüzölçümü - Area/size of the land

KAT MÜLKIYETİ - Ownership of the property which is ready for human habitation

KAT İRTİFAKI - Ownership of the property which is not ready for use yet, because of on-going construction work or because the municipality has not issued a habitation certificate

DEVRE MÜLK - Fractional/timeshare ownership that is owned for a certain period of a year

Bağımsız Bölüm - Information about the independent unit such as a flat, house, etc

Satış Bedeli - Purchase price of the property

Arsa Payı - Land share (what proportion of the land belongs to the independent unit.)

Blok No - Block number

Kat No - Floor number

Bağımsız Blm No - Independent unit Number

Edinme Sebebi – Reason for purchase and from who to whom the property has been sold

Sahibi - Name(s) of the current owner(s). More than one owner can appear on title deeds

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