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Antalya is a cross-road of ancient Pamphilia, Psidia and Lycia and was established in the most fertile geography of Anatolia. Antalya has been the centre of culture, art, architecture and mythology throughout its history. With it’s nature made up of dark blue seas, spectacular Taurus mountains, fervent waterfalls, boulevards lined with palm trees, award winning marina and world known holiday villages is what makes Antalya the capital of Tourism. Every year millions of tourists from all over the world visiting Antalya for its beauty also benefit from the Antalya Airport with its modern building, latest technology and service provided. Antalya, with its faultless beautiful beaches is and their main attraction by the millions of tourists that visit every year. The clean and beautiful beaches of Antalya, where natures colours blue and green unite, is what makes the areas beaches blue flag. Besides all these natural beauties, Belek, with its International standard Golf courses is well on the way in becoming Europe’s biggest golf centre. Another reason which has made Antalya the centre of attention in world tourism is its climate, high quality standards in hotels and the fast increase in football tourism. The football fields in the Belek, Kundu, Manavgat and Kemer regions host over a 1000 national and international football teams who come here for camp. Antalya is also host to congresses and conferences held by many famous companies in different fields from all over the world. In addition Anfaş is one of the known exhibition centers both Turkey and Europe with successfully organized national and international activities. With its traditional architecture the picturesque old city of Kaleiçi, with its narrow winding streets and wooden houses abut the ancient city walls.

  The holiday villages surrounded by forests have been planned accordingly respecting nature and it’s environ. The three harbors of ancient Phaselis, situated 15 km south of Kemer at the foot of Mountain Tahtalı was once a major commercial centre. The ruins of the aqueducts, agoras, public baths, theatre, Hadrianus Gate and acropolis display the importance of the city in history. The view from the southern harbor of Tahtalı Mountain and its environs is spectacular. Phaselis with its quite bays close to wind creates the perfect atmosphere for a rest. The Olympos Valley shaded by oleander and laurel bushes can be reached both by sea and land. The temple gate, theatre, public baths and agora from ancient times have survived until our day and the city walls and tower are from the middle ages. Yanartaş is situated at a height of 300 metres at the cliffs of Cıralı beach, North of Olympos. According to mythology, it is here was Bellerophon the Lycian Hero, with his winged horse Pegasus fought and killed Kymera the fire-breathing monster .At the west of Olympos, surrounded by citrus trees and gardens is Finike Bay. Finike with its sandy beaches to the east is surrounded by fovky coces in the west. The city walls, Lycian tombs and Roman theatre are other monuments worth a visit. Facing one of the most beautiful valleys of Anatolia, Arikanda, has ruins of an agora, theatre, stadium, water system, public baths and tombs scattered in the area.

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